About Us

“We are a straight-talking, player-analyzing, game-de-briefing, personality-building, mentally stimulating, spine-making football factory for the professional mind, body, and soul.

As a company, we have built personal friendships with a lot of professional football clubs and sporting directors and we coordinate a network of contacts within the professional game.

This includes Managers, Chief Executives and Scouts, respectively.

Based in London, my travels have taken me to places many dare to venture. From the “Potato Patch” pitches of Togo, to the desert sands of Senegal, the dry heat of Ghana, to French speaking Africa, the Ivory Coast, to the wonderful cities of Europe.

I have contacts in Germany, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Portugal, USA, China, Qatar, UAE, and Tunisia, and my business is recognized worldwide.

JIA Sports has grown to become one of the most respected football agencies in the UK. Our motto is “we work, you excel”, and it is at the heart of everything we do.

We specialize in home-grown talent, one-on-one personal management, and we have had a positive and proactive influence on the careers of many of the country’s footballers.

By consistently attracting athletes, JIA SPORTS FOOTBALL AGENCY has become a prime resource for new talent for football clubs in all divisions, and we are proactive in grassroots football, turning non-league footballers all over the world into professional footballers and non-international players into international players.